Telefang the SJB fan game idea.

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Re: Telefang the SJB fan game idea.

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Greetings everyone.

For some time I've been making up various ideas for fan-games based on games I enjoy playing, and after joining Tulunk Village and getting a bit familiar with the Power version, I decided to make one up based on Telefang.

So here goes.

[spoiler]*This would be a fan game in the style of the GBC Telefang games, and is meant to be what you would call a crossover game, crossing over many series of Japanese origin (I consider myself an Otaku, and I know it sounds lame).
*The game will take place in a new overworld which is slightly larger than the overworld of Telefang 1, and is something more modern and utopian-like, complete with bigger, more populated towns and more detailed dungeon interiors.
*You are able to befriend roughly 200+ different Denjuu species, each based off a particular character from many different manga/anime/anime art styled games/games that have had anime based off them. The image below shows off all the available non-original Denjuu that can be acquired, minus "Aozora" in the top left, who is an OC of mine and the starter of this fangame's Power version.
**The primary starting Denjuu (as per mentioned above), the rival’s Denjuu, and the final boss Denjuu would be original characters.
*A Power version and a Speed version would be available, much like the original Telefang. Power would contain exclusive Denjuu based around high strength, while Speed would be focused on Denjuu with high Speed.
*Denjuu are still classified by their habitat types, which are entirely unchanged from the original games. However I may decide to replace one of the types (leaning towards Grassland) with an Urban Habitat type, sharing the weakness and resistance as the original type it replaces.
*Evolution remains unchanged (up to three standard/lab evolutions and/or up to two fusion evolutions), though evolved forms of a Denjuu are now considered the same species unlike Telefang where evolved Denjuu get their own numbers and entries in the Denjuu Book. Thus Denjuu Books are altered to be able to record the various evolutions of a single Denjuu species.
*It is no longer possible to lose the numbers of Denjuu available once in the entire game. If you lose a battle with one of them in your possession, they are forced to remain at their homes and rest up until they regain consciousness and can be called again.
*A new formula is introduced, where Denjuu will occasionally not be at their homes when called, taking them fewer turns to reach your location and join the battle. This is best demonstrated if you call one Denjuu for multiple battles in a row in the same location, and they haven’t been able to return to their home in the time you spent in the overworld/dungeon. Sometimes they may end up finding other items or gaining additional EXP fighting other Denjuu off-screen without the player’s presence, though this is not as effective of a training method as physically having them assist you and your current partner Denjuu
*If your friendship with a Denjuu is high enough, upon swapping out Denjuu on the overworld, the new Denjuu switch in will often show positive gestures such as shaking hands, high-fiving, and “Brofisting” the player’s character. Even higher friendship may cause multiple gestures to occur at once in a mixed fashion, a “secret handshake” between the player and Denjuu.[/spoiler]
Reminder, this is only a concept; I am not making this into a game just yet, but if I ever do learn programing this would be a sort of non-profit sub-project of mine.
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Re: Telefang the SJB fan game idea.

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Use for it RPGXP Pokemon Starter Kit. It was easy to remade into Telefang.
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