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Re: Stuck..

Post by andwhyisit »

I have finished with the trinity building, but I have no idea of where to go next. It's as if the NPCs speak an entirely different language or something. :lol:

Anyway, can anyone help me with this?
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Re: Stuck..

Post by Sanqui »

You have to go to the Sting area.
I don't actually remember much, but go to the seaside (in real world). The Sting portal is in large garage-like building. After some dialogue, enter the password you got inside.
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Re: Stuck..

Post by Zephyr(imported) »

Y'know what would really help? Is if someone wrote a walkthrough-- nothing major, bare-bones mostly, but just something that tells you where to go when so I don't end up stuck because I can't understand anything. C: But I understand you guys are busy and everything, I'm just throwin' around ideas...
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