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Re: Original Pokemon

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I have been making Pokemon since I was reeeeeally young. Few of them got much attention, but there was always one that had a special place in my heart. Raibeon. Eevee was my favourite pokemon since I first saw it, so naturally I loved creating Eevelutions. My fave is of my own type, Rainbow.

The Coloured Ring Pokemon
Type: Rainbow
Ability: True Sight- Negates foes' evasion boosts
Rainbow Beam- Fires a multicoloured beam that may lower accuracy
Crystal Flash- Sharply lowers accuracy
Power Gem (real move)
Rainbow Road- Flies into the sky on a rainbow pathway. Slides at high speed to strike on the next turn

I'd love to see anyone else's original Pokemon designs!

UPDATE: Our very own (but silent) mkolpnji has made the sprite for Raibeon!

I've also made field sprites just in case (insert high number here) gen has walking pokemon.
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