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Re: Generation V Starters!!

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You know, mijumaru's sprite is actually kinda cute... Almost makes up for his bad official art. Sorry, Ken.
Yessssss... More stuff to rant about! Thanks, Gamefreak!
Anyone seen the new pokemon? Ifnot, go check serebii or bulbanews ur something, and CRY! Nah, just pity them a little.

I'll start off with Chiraali of whatever his name is, too lazy to check. This is probably their new 'cute one' like Plusle & Minun and Pachirisu. PIKACHU clones. This one apparently is a chinchilla. He would make a nice preeveelution, though... If Eevee needed one. He doesn't. I'd like to see this one's evolution, I can picture it a bit Linoone-like. Other than that, you suck, Chirrito or whatever.
...So he appears to be called Chiramii. I was kinda close.

Second, Munna. Just... Uhgh, that one's below the belt, Nintendo. It's a flying... tapir that floats...? First, his eyes. If only they had pupils, they could do for eyes... I don't like eyes without pupils. It gives the owner character... I think. I'm no eye expert, go visit your opticien. And it's nose. At least, I hope it's its nose, because if it's its mouth, I'm gonna die. But Nintendo kind of leaves us in the dark about that... Tell me what is is to give me some peace of mind, before I must conclude it is indeed a mouth and I'll never rest in peace. And that flower pattern... Just a big no.

Next, Gear. I am already negatively biased towards multiple-headed pokémon, mainly pokémon that are already more than one pokémon like Magneton and Exeggute (what would happen if they became serperated in battle? Can you, like, catch just one of them?), and it's even worse with this one. Would it function if I removed one of the Gear-gears? And it's face is really weird, does it have one eye and two random shapes (Or three random shapes), two eyes -one bandaged or deformed or something- and a mouth like it's completely flabbergasted? That nose seems really misplaced too, methinks Gear could've looked kinda cool without it, even if his face turned out to be one eye, another weird one and a mouth like it is seeing something for the big boys.

Mamepato. Totally not just a pidgeon. Make your route 1 birds more original, please. Pidgey was cool, because it wasn't anything excisting, at least, it didn't look like one. Same story for Spearow and Hoothoot, and maybe Taillow. They had a look of intelligence in their eyes. I just realized, all these pokémon's eyes are round or at least oval. It gives them a dumbly innoncent look. Anyways, where was I; just a pidgeon. Expecting two evolutions, the last one having a fierce look in its eyes.

Hihidaruma. Mamoswine anyone? Not that it looks like one, but I was definitely reminded of it. Big, round body, head directly placed on named body, short limbs (not counting Hihidaruma's arms, of course, they rock. I wish I had arms like that). Also, he has ROUND EYES. But lucky me, they are partially covered with fiery eyebrows. I don't like fire on pokémon. And if it's just hair, it's really some coincidence. Nah, just kidding, all pokémon are like that.

Meguroko, the Desert Crocodile. Does this strike Game Freak as odd? Of course not, silly! Apparently, the do excist in Africa, but still, I imagine them drying out like a fish if they stay out of the water for too long. I have been proved wrong just now, but that doesn't make it any less of a statement. It does make it false, though. What else can I rant about... His feet seem generic, but that's for almost all pokemon... That little tail, making it look like a dog... No, it doesn't. Well, I don't like the stripes. Especially on his eyes, if those can be counted as stripes. No, they aren't stripes, but whatever they are, they look like nerd glasses. Conclusion: all crocodiles are nerds.

I kinda like Shimama, he's nice and simple. I could make a remark about how coincidental (is that a word?) it is that he has thunder-thinies as manes, despite thunder doesn't look that way, and never has, but as I already said, all pokémon are like that. The only thing I don't like about this one is his nose. It looks like a Banzai Bill.

That's it boys and girls. I finished my rant. Yay.
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