Pokémon Diamond & Jade Box-art Scans

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Pokémon Diamond & Jade Box-art Scans

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Hello, everyone! I want to achieve a childhood dream of owning Diamond & Jade with their respective boxes etc. But I don't feel like shelling out too much money, so I am considering either making or ordering a reproduction-box from Etsy.

Does anyone have high-res scans of the box-art of either games? It would be cool to gather some high-res scans for archival purposes anyway, I feel. Especially considering there are so many different box-arts for the games.

If anyone were to make some scans after reading this, it would be best to open all the tabs of the box and scan both sides when it's "smashed" so we get the sides of the boxes too. Then you can easily apply it into a box-art PSD template and print it to get a reproduction. You can even print a cardboard tray with the insert for your game cartridge.

I would also love it if anyone also has high-res scans of manuals from either games!

And yes, I know that Telefang is superior to the bootlegs, but I can't be the only one with more nostalgia for the snake and the deer.


Also, I have another question: are the bootleg cartridges ever able to save? And if not, do they have batteries which can be replaced to fix the broken save-function?
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