Were closing the Forums

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Re: Were closing the Forums

Post by Sora444(imported) »

These Forums are Useless, we never see anyone on at all, we only see like 2 people here, we tried but we can't keep up this forums and we don't wanna modrate a dead forums

So everyone, say your goodbyes now
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Re: Were closing the Forums

Post by andwhyisit »

This forum isn't dead. I repeat. ISN'T DEAD! We just don't post as often as other forums. We are more active during certain times of the year and less active in others, just like most forums, except we have fewer members.

If you don't want to moderate than give the position to someone else instead of taking down the forums in a giant hissy fit. Why would you need to close the forums? Do you really hate us that much? Though if you are still going to do this then allow me a few days to make a backup of all of our posts at least (and everyone's email addresses).

I doubt that Blaziken or anyone else that actually shows on on a regular basis approved of this. So at this point any respect for you is now gone.


..this is an April fools joke isn't it? <_<
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Re: Were closing the Forums

Post by Sanqui »

lol april fools
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Re: Were closing the Forums

Post by Blaziken257 »

Yeah this was supposed to be an April Fool's joke, and a weak one at that. I did have something bigger planned, but since today was unusually busy for me, I never got around to it. Just wait until next year, though...

Oh, and topic locked, as it serves no purpose.

Also, Sora444, your posts are rather inane...
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