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Re: Network Boukenki Bugsite

Post by andwhyisit »

Since it isn't mentioned, you need to equip new bugs with a cpu before you can use them. 64GB is the upper limit for new bugs.
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Re: Network Boukenki Bugsite

Post by kmeisthax »

Wow, it's like Battle Network and Pokemon had a baby.

Also, the main script text isn't vertically centered, which looks annoying. Maybe when Telefang is done and we're onto Bugsite we can look into fixing that somehow.
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Re: Network Boukenki Bugsite

Post by KenjutheDenjuu(imported) »

I remember first trying out this game back when I didn't know Japanese very well and all the bits about vaccines and chips and such confused me xD Walking around the city and taking in the scenery was cool though, the spriters did a really good job (plus the town music is really nice).

I can't wait to see the full translation of the game (if it's still ongoing, that is). One of the things about the game is that it is a little complicated if you don't know Japanese and don't know where to go next or what to do.

Also, the noise when bugs appeared was a little ear grating for always seemed to be louder than the rest of the music so if you were suddenly attacked by a bug it kind of made your ears hurt since it was all digital-y and bleepy and grating (well, to me at least xD). I used to turn the sound down for bug searching, which was a shame because I liked the battle music.... The overworld music was a little quiet and you couldn't hear it unless you turned it up a fair bit (so hearing the extra loud bug noise out of nowhere made me jump and gave my ears a poor bashing..erk >_<).

Bugsite is a good game though. I'll have to play it properly sometime, since I didn't get far the first time (I got lost and was trapped in the real world at one point xD).
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