Telefang 2,5 - Team Imakuni

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Re: Telefang 2,5 - Team Imakuni

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So. About TEAM IMAKUNI you all know from my hack thread. But how they appeared in Denjuu World? And what is their real mission? From begining. The pair of boss of Imakuni is Tao and Serena Imakuni. They wearing that red outfits with yellow chinese marks on it. How they reached Denjuu World from Pokemon World where they lived? By accident. Little that same accident like Shigeki and Matsukiyo have. Their style of wearing is growing on popularity. Big group of T-Fangers wearing the black uniformes with red marks. That was begining of Imakuni Team. But Why Sephre Island? This small island somewhere on Palm Sea is good place to take an conquer on it. Imakuni's members starting by using their Denjuu Friends which most of is Angios and Mentalis taking leading on this island. Their main goal is make friendship with Diablos and use him power to conquer other Denjuu Lands. Only the Tao and Serena have two pokemon on their teams. Tao have Exploud and Slowking. Serena have Dodrio and Golduck. Our hero <BRENDAN> Need to stop them from got number of Diablos. In that mission can help him Kanzou.

~~~~~~~~~~FACT ABOUT IMAKUNI~~~~~~~~

1. Leaders of them used two Pokemon with known psychic powers.

2. Mentalis and Angios is main IMAKUNI MEMBER Denjuu.

3. We found boss of Inakumi in final place of Sephre Island <TAMPLE OF DESTINY>

4. Tao want hire to him Team MATSUKIYO.
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