Re: 3Trainerpoké's sprite thread

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Re: 3Trainerpoké's sprite thread

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3TrainerPoké wrote: I just did a random recolor for Independance Day, which is today.


What do you guys think?
Heh, nice.
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Re: 3Trainerpoké's sprite thread

Post by RacieB »

Bahaha, I love that XP But I may be biased, Ditto's my favorite Pokémon >___>
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Re: 3Trainerpoké's sprite thread

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I'm back, and as a much better spriter. I have even done one really good scratch sprite.

Anyway, Blaziken, I'll get on your request tomorrow. I tried it today, but I made one stupid decision color-wise, and, being the way I am, exited without saving what I had done thus far.

Anyway, like I said, I'm back. Oh, and here's the one scratch of mine that really turned out good: Image

And here is my Imageshack profile, in case you want to see some other stuff:
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