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Re: Peace Long Forgotten

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Well, I still sprite, but this is just a fiction based on a lot of different fantasy/science fiction things such as Dungeons and Dragons, Champions of Norrath, and so on. I habe gotten a few chapters done, but I'll post them one at a time(Trying to write and re-write anyway).


It is a time of war. The humans, dwarves, elves, orcs...Every nation is at war. Each of them has their own claim as to why the war started, and each is different. The humans say that the others are taking the land that was given to them by the Ancients. The elves are complaining about different things depending on their race. Wood Elves, the most prevailant of the elves, are saying that all the other reaces are taking too much wood, and that their forest homes are becoming smaller and smaller. The dwarves are blaming the "famine" of ore in their mountain home on the Orcs, but some will even blame the other races for it.

Yes, all in the land is turmoil, but there have been some who oppose the war, and are trying to make peace. However, any appearances have quickly gotten any members of these groups killed. However, one group, the Triad, which has been active since the beginning of the war, is still going strong. Their number now measures 300 member, all of either human, dwarf, or elf blood. They are the most powerful of the rebel groups, and the most hidden.

The Archons and Angels seem to have abandoned what they once prtected. The Celestials have returned to their realms. Even the mechanical Inevitables are overworked. Evil roams the land. All is chaos.

What will the pages of this story long forgotten reveal?

You turn the cover...
Well yeah. I hope you will enjoy this. C+CC is very much appreciated!
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Re: Peace Long Forgotten

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I do not like the prologue very much, you are giving the reader too much information. You should introduce the reader to the world, war, and various races from the perspective of the main characters as the reader reads the story.

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