Re: RTC-free patch (v1.0) for Telefang

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Re: RTC-free patch (v1.0) for Telefang

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Hello all! I know I haven't posted here much in a long time, but I have a patch that removes all real-time clock (RTC) functionality for Telefang, which you can find at the end of this post. The motive for this is to allow the game to work properly on Game Boy flashcarts that do not have RTC at all, namely the Everdrive GB. The vanilla Japanese ROMs do not work properly on an Everdrive GB due to the lack of RTC: The clock is frozen, and saving is impossible because when the game tries to initialize the clock on a new save, it ends up writing to a critical area of the save file. So, this patch fixes these issues so that Telefang is playable on an Everdrive GB.

There are separate patches for Power and Speed, and .bps and .ips files are included (you only need to use one). Use beat for .bps or Lunar IPS for .ips. I recommend using the .bps file, since it's harder to accidentally apply the patch to the wrong ROM (which seems to happen frequently around here).

These patches are intended for the Japanese Power and Speed versions. I haven't tested this with the English patch of Power Version (hopefully it works...), and there's no need to apply the patches to the Pokémon Diamond/Jade bootlegs, since they already lack RTC.

I tested this mostly on Everdrive GB (at least to the Iris portion of the game; I haven't played further than that yet), and it works without any apparent issues. I also tested this briefly on BGB and it works there, too.

Please note that once you set the clock on a new save, you cannot change it again. I may add this option in a future patch if I find out how to do it. Also, due to the lack of RTC, it's impossible to know how much time has passed while the game is off, so you won't receive any text messages from Denjuu (which also occurs in the bootlegs). I'm open for suggestions as to how to make this work.

Eventually, I'll make this work with the English patch if it doesn't already work. Also, I might also work on a way to detect RTC functionality so that RTC can be used if it is available (such as on an emulator that supports it), and the game can fall back to RTC-less functionality if is is not available (such as on an Everdrive GB).

Also, I hope that the RAM address 0xC7C7 isn't used for anything, because I used that for the custom frame counter that is needed for the RTC-less functionality to work properly. (I picked this RAM address because it comes right after some of these custom RAM addresses in the English patch, which are apparently unused in the Japanese game.) If 0xC7C7 is used for anything, please let me know, because I'll need to fix it! But hopefully that isn't the case.

Finally, here's a link to all the patches:

If you have an Everdrive GB, enjoy!
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