What happened to this place?

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Re: What happened to this place?

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Imaynotbehere4long wrote: Sun Aug 16, 2020 12:12 pm That reminds me: is there an archive of the "live chat" or whatever that used to be at the top of the Board Index?
Aw man, the shoutbox? I have a feeling I have it scraped somewhere. I'll look into it soon, but feel free to remind me.
Imaynotbehere4long wrote: Sun Aug 16, 2020 12:12 pm Speaking of, might wanna sticky a link to said Discord channel to the top of the Board Index so people who find this place first won't think that basically the whole community's inactive.
There should probably be a banner, yeah. For now I have put the thread about the discord as a global announcement, which should help visibility!
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Re: What happened to this place?

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Imaynotbehere4long wrote: Sun Jul 19, 2020 11:50 amAs much as I prefer the forum setup to Discord, it honestly might have been better simply to link to the Discord channel instead of making a new forum given how dead said forums have been.
To be fair the aim was to take control of the forum content. With Invisionfree, Zetaboards, and then finally Tapatalk everything was hosted by a third party and we had no control over any changes they made to the service. Plus the longer we left it the more chance that we would eventually end up with a service that obstructs all attempts for you to move. Look at Wikiafang (the Wikia/Fandom precursor to Wikifang) for an example of this. Not only are we unable to get rid of Wikiafang, but we can't even direct people to Wikifang without the changes being reverted or without us being locked out from editing. I mean Tapatalk may be absurdly difficult to migrate from (I think it took me around a week using a large number of custom scripts), but at the very least they allow you to remove content from their service afterwards.
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