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Re: Telefang 2 English Bootleg

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RacieB wrote:I'm pretty sure Power 2 and Speed 2 have different text offsets, are you sure that's not the problem?
I had taken that into account. I had Normmatt help me find the pointer table address for Power, he already had the one for Speed, however it was only one of the many ones the game turned out to have which was why it was so incomplete.
Kimbles wrote:Yeah, it looks like the text you posted is only the first part of the script. The text locations seem to match up pretty well with the Japanese game, so this list should help you with finding the rest of it:

(BTW, think you could put that screenshot in a spoiler tag or upload a smaller one? It's breaking the topic for me. :S)
Thanks for that. I was looking for the pointer tables while you posted this, but I wasn't aware you had already discovered them all. I found 10, and that page has 13, so I got almost all of them I suppose.

Anyway, I'm patching Power now, in order to get the battle translations from the old translation patch. That means the font isn't as nice, but it's playable the way it is now. I'm going to add the rest of the pointers though and see if i can't get the dialogue fully translated.
I actually have one that isn't on that page - C3B80. It points to the "Phone call text, possibly?" ones.

Edit: Well, that did something. Adding the rest of the pointer tables caused most NPCs that weren't translated before to spout binary from seemingly arbitrary addresses (and go into an infinite loop where you can't end the conversation). The extracted script looks mostly correct, there is a bunch of what looks like binary in the middle of one of the blocks of text, where there's a bunch of constants like status effect names. That's the only place that needs some tweaking, the rest looks fine, so I'm not sure why the NPCs behave this way.
There isn't even any dialogue in the additional script blocks though. Just menu related things. And since they seem to have broken everything, I might as well remove them again. The menu stuff doesn't extract well with this method anyway,it ends up with garbage characters and the lack of line endings makes it not extract correctly.

Solved it. Note to self: When calling AUTOWRITE multiple times, call DISABLE first. It wasn't writing to any of the right pointers, instead it was overwriting a large chunk of the ROM with pointers :P

tl;dr a fully translated patch (save for some main menu stuff) here, working well so far:
I've made a topic for it:
Post bug reports, missing translations, feedback and so on there.
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Re: Telefang 2 English Bootleg

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Sorry for bumping this, but would anyone here be able to pass the "bad dump" onto me via PM? Thanks

Whoops, sorry. I didn't see that someone posted the IPS patch.
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Re: Telefang 2 English Bootleg

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Hello! Does someone still have the patch? None of the links are working anymore. Thanks!
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Re: Telefang 2 English Bootleg

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I have a copy of it on my computer: ... _J-Eng.ips

Hope it helps.
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