Smilesoft game book scans.

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Re: Smilesoft game book scans.

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XD All four volumes?! (It's only 3)

My scanner is pretty sloooowww so that would actually be pretty helpful...XD Right now I'm scanning the color pages out of the BomBoms I just got. *nod*
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Re: Smilesoft game book scans.

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Okay, I officially fail... XD
(I probably got it confused with another non-Telefang series I read recently that actually did have four instead of just three.)

Edit: here's Chapter 9! And here it is resized. (At full size it's 42 MB, and resized to 45% it's 5 MB.)
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Re: Smilesoft game book scans.

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Kimbles wrote:Bugsite
Manga (magazine scans)
Covers: May 01 - Jun 01 - Jul 01 - Aug 01 - Sep 01 - Oct 01 - Nov 01 - Dec 01 - Jan 02 - Feb 02
Chapter 6 <--- New
Chapter 7 <--- New
Chapter 9
Chapter 10 (end)
Dang, the links for Chapters 6 7 and 9 are down. Also, the link for Chapter 4 is down:
I also remember there being a link to Chapter 1, but I lost it.

I really wanted to see how the Weldehide members were drawn.
Will someone host them for download, or share through attachments, please?
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Re: Smilesoft game book scans.

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I think try can try:

I always use this software for such purposes.
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