Pokemon Green (proper translation)

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Re: Pokemon Green (proper translation)

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A friend of mine has been working on 3 hacks for Pokémon Blue that restore the original 3 Japanese games and fixes Nintendo of America's translation errors to essentially give us what Japan had as well as fix bugs.
They all work on Pokémon Stadium 1 and 2 and with the non hacked games, only problem with Stadium compatablity is Stadium 1's GB Tower only loads 1mb games and the hacks are 2mb, they work on 2's GB Tower fine

Link to his forums: http://shanempkmngen1boards.freeforums.net/ Rev C and D can be found here
Rev A without the revamped Celadon and beta elements restored can be found here: http://www.romhacking.net/hacks/1457/ There's currently no version of Blue without his added stuff
I'm currently testing Rev E of Green for him (I've fallen behind on this sorry!) which has more bugs fixed and the added content from Rev C and D removed

Note: Gamecorner has the wrong sprites in all versions of Red, hopefully he will fix this in Rev E I've tried to make a fix for this myself but I can't find a user friendly sprite editor.
Green has the wrong Viridian City palette in Rev A to D (he did this on purpose for some reason) I believe I posted a fix for it somewhere on his forums.

When he's finally finished them I'm gonna get all 3 written to modified carts and get a custom cart casing for Green, I currently don't have anyone to do these for me so if anyone would like to I'm willing to pay.
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