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Re: RAM things

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This isn't on datacrystal, so...

All related to Speed version

The addresses for enemy Denjuu is listed wrong. It's actually:
*30041F2 - Denjuu 1 ID
*300422A - Denjuu 2 ID
*3004262 - Denjuu 3 ID

Edit: Curiously, the ID's using the above addresses don't match the number used on phone/list of denjuu page. I can confirm however, changing and freezing these DOES affect the Denjuu shown.

The offsets for the above correspond to the following:
+0x1 - LV
+0x2 - HP(Current)
+0x3- HP(Max)
+0x4 - DP (basically special power meter)
+0x5 - SPD
+0x6 - ATK
+0x7 - DEF
+0x8 - SPEC
+0x16 - First move
+0x1E - Second move
+0x26 - Third move?
+0x2E - Fourth move?

*300042C - Game state for battles (1 is start, 3 is battle, 5 is win, 7 is recruit, 8 is items. Forcing it to 7 can also recruit bosses)
*3002870 - Battle win/lose boolean (1 is win)
*3002888 - Boss Battle ID (which boss you are on; trainer fights use this along with some other thing)
*3002A00 - Item dropped after battle
*3002A0B - Damage dealt (applies to both you and foe)
*3002B06 - Move used/using
*3002B84 - Opponent selected
*3002C14 - Hit/Miss (61 is hit, 64 is miss; in decimal)
*3002C16 - Battle related; at value of 0x5, determines when attacks hit/miss/crit. At value 0x24 it determines opponent move used. At value 0x3F it determines hit/miss
*3002C22 - seems to be related to critical hit; it appears to be 1 when a crit appears, but freezing it at 1 does not cause the crit.

Not mentioned in Datacrystal as well, but if given the option, it appears X/Y address is better displayed as a fixed point 16.16. Or in other words, the unsigned integer value divided by 65535 while showing 6 decimal places.

If using BizHawk, remove the "300" part and set the memory domain to IWRAM instead.
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