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I've been bumming around the Discord for a few days so I thought I would introduce myself. My name is Cory, I now go by "core" online. I live in Northeast Ohio, near Lake Erie.

  • Favorite consoles - GameCube, Dreamcast, Xbox, Game Boy Color/Advance, 3DS
  • Weird and obscure games. Two favorite genres - RPG and Platformer.
  • Preservation, usually related to video games.
  • Tropical plants/succulents - I have grow lights around the house and probably have 30 plants in my house right now.
  • Eating all sorts of food, but I hate the word "foodie". Currently into Middle Eastern/African food (Lebanese, Somolian, Afghan, Morrocan, etc.)
  • DIY projects. Bought a fixer upper. Would love to build an arcade machine but kitchen more important.
Casually working on a website to occasionally dump my thoughts related to technology, video games, and preservation efforts. Currently waiting on the Telefang 2 guidebook from Japan to contribute my first scan.

Love watching this and other translation projects progress. Great work to everyone working on the work project, can't wait to fully play it.
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