Anime discussion!

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Re: Anime discussion!

Post by Goldschuss(imported) »

What's your favorite Anime and why?

I count Detective Conan and Code Geass to my favorites.

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Re: Anime discussion!

Post by Sherkel(imported) »

My favorite by far is Death Note, though given that that's been the case for about 10 years now, it's probably a case of "I've seen one good anime". I did give Code Geass a go due to all the comparisons, but just couldn't pay enough attention to it to finish. If I recall correctly I was very put off by the dynamic with C-Squared (name?). There wasn't anything of that kind in Death Note.

These days I mostly look for whatever seems the "girliest" when I feel like some sort of anime, simply because I don't see the point in most of the stuff out there. That's just me, of course! I've been going at Hellsing too and love how over-the-top it is, but really need to be in the right mood for it.

When it comes to manga I've been slowly plodding through Berserk, but really really need to be in the right mood for hell of a ride, though, for sure. I also watched both anime adaptations of the Golden Age Arc. Monster and Blade of the Immortal are on my to-watch/read list due to the same guy who told me about Berserk.
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Re: Anime discussion!

Post by andwhyisit »

My favorite anime would be Steins;Gate. It takes the subject of time travel seriously with consistent and well thought out mechanics, in a story about scientific discovery and consequences, featuring likable characters and solid character development.
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