How did YOU find out about Telefang?

Post things about the Telefang series, and aren't about a particular Telefang game here.
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Re: How did YOU find out about Telefang?

Post by Takashi(imported) »

I bought pkmn Jade & Diamond on a muslim store LOL! I find it kind of funny.
But I'm curious about this:
1.) Who the hell is the Goat and Snake! XD
2.) Who drew them?
3.) Why them?

Whem I first so them and finished the game I asked myself.. "WHERE'S THE GOAT AND SNAKE?!" XD
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Re: How did YOU find out about Telefang?

Post by missingno.(imported) »

my friend bought pkmn jade in a chinese store. althought I knew it wasn´t a real pokemon game, it looked very funny so I decided to investigate. It took me like ten minutes to notice that it was a hack of keitai denjuu telefang. I downloaded it and I loved it
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Re: How did YOU find out about Telefang?

Post by Blaze(imported) »

I bought it in a shop (They were convinced it was a real game and it was second-hand) and I played it on my brand-new GBC.
After 2 hours of play, I looked on Wikipedia and found out it was a bootleg.

I never gave it away. It's still in my GBC and I play every so often (It so annoying, keep's restarting for some reason.)

I read about the sequel on WikiFang.
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Re: How did YOU find out about Telefang?

Post by Kimbles(imported) »

My story's relatively boring... I was looking at the list of GBC games under P on Gamefaqs, and saw a "Pokemon Diamond" listed, which I had never heard of before. I looked at the screenshots and reviews and found out that it was a hack of a different game called Telefang, and that it was apparently really terrible. >_> I tracked down a rom and played it a bit, and thought that it was actually a decent game aside from the translation, but ended up not playing very far because the engrish was kind of depressing. :/

Later when I was browsing a rom site I found that it had a sequel for GBA, and played it for a couple minutes before deciding that the language barrier was too much of a problem, and that it didn't look at cool as the first game anyway. >__>

For a while I was really considering buying the bootlegs on eBay so that my sister and I could play them and link battle/trade (before VBALink existed), but them being $40+ and unable to save kind of broke the deal, plus I had no way of knowing if the link functions would even work at all.

Many years later I was reminded of the game and found RacieB's site, and thought it was really cool that people were finally collecting info on the japanese version, and now here I am. XD I ended up getting copies of all of the Smilesoft games, but I still haven't gotten around to playing Telefang 2... *sigh*
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Re: How did YOU find out about Telefang?

Post by Blaziken257 »

I can't believe I haven't explained my story yet... I first heard of it, or rather the bootlegs, in 2002 where people would occasionally mention it on various message boards I went on. At this time, I only knew a few things about it: That it was fake and sold all over sites like eBay, that it had nothing to do with Pokémon, and that people didn't like it. I didn't know much about the game itself, and I hadn't heard of Telefang yet.

At some point, I saw the boxes for the first time, which looked weird to me, especially since they weren't Pokémon. Then sometime in 2004 I stumbled across these games by accident on GameFAQs, since at the time they were listed there (they were removed since, but searching for them still yields Telefang as a search result). I was curious and read a few reviews (which disappeared since then), hearing about the D-Shot and the "electric monsters" for the first time ever. And of course, the Engrish. I also learned at some point that the games were originally called Telefang, though at the time I, believe it or not, assumed (wrongly) that this was simply an alternate game for the bootlegs, and that these still originated in China as pirates. I didn't find out that Telefang was a licensed game in Japan until a few years later, in about 2006 or so.

When Pokémon Diamond and Pearl were soon to be released and there was much hype about it, it reminded me (just because of the name) of the bootlegs again, and by this time, Wikipedia and YouTube existed. I read the article about it on Wikipedia, found RacieB's site, and also searched for videos of it on YouTube. I found a few videos (one of them was a boss battle against Potzal which still exists today), and was initially unimpressed due to the Engrish, the weird Denjuu designs, and the characters bouncing around everywhere. Also, at this time, I discovered Telefang 2 for the first time ever from RacieB's Diablos battle video.

A few months later, in 2007, I started using emulators, and Pokémon Diamond was one of the first ROMs I downloaded. I wasn't expecting much from it; in fact, I only played it as a joke and thought it would be almost as bad as Action 52. At first, I was unimpressed by it, but I slowly liked it more and more, and eventually I wondered why everybody hated the game in the first place. After a while, I felt that it was one of the most underrated games I've ever played, although today I no longer play the bootlegs and stick to the Japanese originals instead.

Then I tried Telefang 2 with a barely complete English patch, and loved that too right from the start. It felt like that Telefang, being the first game in the series, had some problems (like pressing B to heal your HP) which Smilesoft was able to improve with Telefang 2. Telefang 2 has some frustrating mazes though.

The rest is history. By the end of 2007, I made this forum, and by 2008, Milnivri made Wikifang, and now Telefang fans from all over the world get to discuss the games together.
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Re: How did YOU find out about Telefang?

Post by bassgs 435(imported) »

well. I was 8 (i think) and went to a friend's house there he showed his pokemon diamond cartridge he bought on the local fair wen i told him about the ds games diamond and pearl (they weren't released at the time) and I borrowed it . I didn't make any progress since I din't know english very well at the time and well some years after I decided to investigate more about the game and learned about it being a bootleg and of course telefang . that's pretty much my story (what I can remember)
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Re: How did YOU find out about Telefang?

Post by Zain Snowpaw(imported) »

Hey Guys. I came across this amazing game when I was in China for my uncles wedding. My mother gave me 75 Hong Kong dollars for two GBC games and i chose pokemon Crystal and Pokemon Jade. This was 7 or so years ago. It was only today that i found out it was Telefang... ^_^

I only found out because i was looking to sequels for "pokemon Jade" and came across this site...

Cool huh... B)

I'm just waiting for a English Telefang 2. Because though im half Chinese I dont understand a single word of it... :ermm:
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Re: How did YOU find out about Telefang?

Post by Sherkel(imported) »

It was now about 5 years ago, so frankly...I don't remember the beginning.
I surfed the web a lot back then, mainly looking at various Pokémon fansites. I was really into the undiscovered and mysterious aspects of Pokémon (as I am now--I'm staff on the leading Pokémon glitch site,) so it was inevitable that I'd find "Pokémon Diamond." I played it, unbiased, and my main feeling was intrigue. I quite enjoyed it, and quickly caught on that for some reason, it wasn't Pokémon. I held quite a strong fascination for a while, at one point taking screenshots of EVERY SINGLE LINE OF DIALOGUE (including Musa's optional monologue on the Denjuu world, which ended with a satisfying "Get it?") I reached "Alice Coast," and got stuck. I didn't know that there was probably a guide somewhere, so I left it at that and eventually lost interest. I found out somehow that it was actually Telefang later. A couple years after that, I decided to search Telefang on YouTube, and found some results showing the true length and depth of the game (such as seeing high-leveled Denjuu in evolved forms, and fighting characters unmentioned in my time playing.) I only spent about a day on that, however, and didn't think to dig out the ROM again. A few days ago, somehow popped into my head (like many random things do with ADD.) I decided I'd try to really play it. I found this forum, downloaded a Power Version ROM and the latest English patch, and began my new journey. Eventually, after the translated dialogue was over, I switched over to full Japanese, as well as no lockup when a dude doesn't arrive on time. 3 days and I just beat Gypsophi. Making my way to the end...then I might try Telefang 2!
Whoa, I went on a bit there.
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Re: How did YOU find out about Telefang?

Post by Dan Marino(imported) »

I too found out about it on TRrocking. I personally found the screenshots of the Engrish to be hilarious, so every so often I would check ebay for a copy of Jade. One day I got lucky, and spent $40 on a copy. It was well worth the money.

I remember the author on TRsRocking was pretty harsh on the game, though. I don't really think she gave it a chance.
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Re: How did YOU find out about Telefang?

Post by moviemovies1(imported) »

I think I discovered it about 2-3 years ago when I was browsing for GBC ROMs to play, and then I saw Pokemon Diamond. I didn't know it was a fake then, I thought it was an unreleased one. I enjoyed the game, but deleted it almost instantly because I couldn't save. Then in 2010, It just popped into my head again, and I went to search for it on YouTube, found a video and watched it. I read trough the comments and one said ''This is a hack of a game called Telefang.'' or something like that. Then I went to google and read about it on wikipedia, found out that Diamond was a bootleg, that it had a sequel, and then I went to find the japanese versions, then I play them.

That is basically my story.
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