How did YOU find out about Telefang?

Post things about the Telefang series, and aren't about a particular Telefang game here.
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Re: How did YOU find out about Telefang?

Post by Dipsacus(imported) »

I found about it back in 2001, when a friend of mine showed me "Pokémon Diamond". At the time, I thought it was just some weird-ass Pokémon game with "e-monsters" and whatnot, but then in 2007 the "real" Pokémon Diamond came out and I went back and thought, wait, no, there already was a Pokémon Diamond.

I didn't think too much about it until around 2009 when I got interested in Pokémon again. And then I looked it up, and found out about that, and thought, hey, it's pretty okay!
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Re: How did YOU find out about Telefang?

Post by SuperMew98(imported) »

I'll tell you the whole story:

Back in about 2010 or 2011, I bought a blue Game Boy Advance SP with a couple Pokémon games along with it for a few bucks. Once I played it (it was my first time to experience Pokémon), I LOVED it. Then, looking around on the web, I found out about emulation. I was so excited to find out that I could play all of my favorite Pokémon games (and more) on the computer! Later on, looking around at more Pokémon stuff, I found out that there were two games that I had never known even existed: Pokémon Diamond (I had wondered why there was one on the GBC) and Jade. Then I discovered Telefang, and found that I love it as much as I do Pokémon.
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Re: How did YOU find out about Telefang?

Post by fergzilla(imported) »

I believe I was looking at videos of bootlegs, probably when I was a dumb pre-teen in 2006-7ish or something, and Pokemon Diamond and Jade was one of those bootlegs. Then I found out it's Telefang. Looked at the Wikipedia article of Telefang a bit, which included a section of those specific bootlegs, didn't pay it too much heed for various reasons.

Then as age went on, I was starting to become more of an animal/creature buff, and then JonTron's video on bootleg Pokemon games (which covered the Pokemon Diamond and Jade/Telefang games for a few minutes) finally got me to be interested somewhat. As well as watching TwitchPlaysPokemon play the unfinished English patch to Telefang 2 during intermission. So, now, I guess I'm a Telefang fan, I guess.

I wish I can understand Japanese/Chinese. Either that, or the proper English patch was finished. Either way, good things come to those who wait, which is why I'm just here looking at pretty pictures on Wikifang.
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Re: How did YOU find out about Telefang?

Post by zzc »

From a 2 in 1 cart of bootleg jade n diamond

could play up to palan only

then came here and dug up a rom
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Re: How did YOU find out about Telefang?

Post by DLA(imported) »

:crypto: Creepypastas.
...don't ask.
I was watching a guy do creepypastas. Then he did know. The bootleg?
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Re: How did YOU find out about Telefang?

Post by moneer(imported) »

My brother brought pokemon jade home one day and he said a friend of his gave him the game. I played it and was hooked. That's when I did reseasrch and found out about telefang.
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Re: How did YOU find out about Telefang?

Post by SoulSpeed(imported) »

Mhh, I remember it quite clearly.

At the time I was hooked on Pokemon Yellow when I was 12-13years old.
Gold & Silver came out and shortly after my aunt came home (was staying over for the weekend) with Pokemon Diamond.
I'm like, "wait what? A silent release?" I looked at it while she was playing and was interested on how it looked.
Was just thinking it as a seperated line of 'pokemon game' from the company.
Asked if i could borrow it for a week, I noticed right away the Saving problem.
But no matter, I busted my battery pack this way as to leave the charger in at all time to counter the problem to lose progress.
Untill I had to return it, so explained the problem to her and the nxt time I asked again to borrow she couldn't care less to return it due the progress resets anyway.
Became tired of the problem after a while + when your parent disconnect the charger when you're at school and it get depleted or they turn it off.

Few years later I remembered the game as a pokemon hype was rolling again.
Tried to look it up again, couldn't find that much about it at the time. (search skills, english skills, not knowing it was Telefang)
Found some Roms, images and stuff but couldn't get my hands on a decent working gbc emulator.

Eventually knowing it's a bootleg but it never got out of my mind everytime a New pokemon game came out.

Yesterday, me and a friend were just talking about something and for whatever reason it turned to pokemon and it just popped straight into my mind again.
Looked it up again under Pokemon Diamond, result were about how to recognise bootlegs
Another search under images and mostly images of boxing and cardridges until I noticed 1 straight away.
Clicking it revealed the name 'Pokemon Diamond, Telefang bootleg'
Quick search and here I am xD

Finally, after like 16years, I uncovered it's true nature.
And to be frankly, I loved Telefang from the moment I got my hands on it, despite the bootleg bugs (intentional or not).
I just hope that the active projects will be completed at some point though, as I've been longing for a long time to enjoy it in it's proper glory in proper Engligh.
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Re: How did YOU find out about Telefang?

Post by DaVince »

Hi, welcome to the forums! Always nice to see a new fan around. xD

This place is a liiittle bit dead, so you might want to frequent the chat instead:
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Re: How did YOU find out about Telefang?

Post by GoldenPower(imported) »

I met the Telefang Saga when a Spanish Youtuber called uploaded a video called "weird pokémon hacks" where he included Pokémon Diamond and Jade for the Nintendo GameBoy Color systems, he also mentioned that it was a bootleg cartridge of a game called "Telefang"

He also said that the creators of the bootleg version included a lot of obscene lenguage, at that point I said: "This game definitely is for me"

I downloaded the bootleg ROM and played it, I loved it, so I made a research and I found the Wikifang and discovered a lot of cool stuff about this game, also I found that the fans were working in a better translation patch for the Power Version, after that I could play it and understand the story in a best way

A year later I discovered that there were a sequel, Telefang 2, so I bought the cartridge for my GBA, and I still play it, I still enjoy the games and I hope that the Manga translation will be finished soon

#WhyDoesRocketDoesn´tMakesTelefang3 ?! (JK)
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Re: How did YOU find out about Telefang?

Post by DaVince »

If only Rocket were still around to make Telefang 3... Welcome, though. xD
wrote:I hope that the Manga translation will be finished soon
About that... There is exactly one person doing the translation (me) and I don't have time for it... So I'm sorry. u_u (Note: only doing the translation part, editing and quality checking is done with a team obviously)
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