How did YOU find out about Telefang?

Post things about the Telefang series, and aren't about a particular Telefang game here.
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Re: How did YOU find out about Telefang?

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I am honest-to-goodness surprised that I never posted in this thread. Well, here I am after finding the cartridge I own while cleaning my house.

Around 2002, I took a trip to Malaysia. I bought a copy of Diamond myself at a game shop (yes, it was rife with bootlegs) in a department store in Kuching. Exciting stuff! The cartridge itself is an amusing thing IMO; I made an Imgur album of it just now to show off here. To be honest, I had always been fascinated with it, prompting me to take a photo of it upon rediscovering it in 2011 and post it to deviantART asking about what it was (lol). Someone had commented that it was Keitai Denjuu Telefang and that I could find out more about it on this very forum, so here I am (after six years of lurking here while learning about it, ahaha).
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